About the World Review for Political Economy

Aims and Scope

World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) is a peer-reviewed academic journal of Marxist Political Economy, which aims to promote the innovative research into Marxist economic theories and their practical applications to world economy, developed and undeveloped economies, capitalist and socialist economies and so on, and to benefit the development of the world and well-beings of its people. WRPE welcomes submissions in normative and empirical research including, but not limited to:

  1. State Capitalism, Monopoly Capitalism, Financial Capitalism, Neoliberal Capitalism, Imperialism, and Capitalist Development History;
  2. Economic Globalization, Internationalization of Capital, Global Value Chain, Underdevelopment, Unequal Exchange, Colonialism, and Capitalist System;
  3. Exploitation, Profit Squeeze, Living Wage, Income Inequality, and Relationship between Capital and Labour;
  4. Business Cycle, Capital Accumulation, Under-Consumption, Over-Investment, Financial Crisis, and Theory of Economic Crisis;
  5. Organic Composition of Capital, Technical Change, Labour Process, Digital Economy, Platform Economy, Productive Automation, and Theory of Falling Profit Rate;
  6. Productive and Unproductive Labour, Surplus Value, Value Composition of Capital, Value and Price, Value Formation and Transformation, and Labour Theory of Value;
  7. Labour-Managed Firms, Participatory Planning, Market Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Feasible Socialism, and Socialist Development History.
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